What it is?

Multiple sclerosis

It is an immune-mediated inflammatory disease that affects myelinated axons in the central nervous system, destroying myelin and axon to varying degrees and causing significant physical impairment. The hallmark of multiple sclerosis is symptomatic episodes that occur at intervals of months or years and affect different anatomical areas. That is, the patient periodically develops a deterioration in the current state, after which the quality of life can change significantly.


The cause of multiple sclerosis is unknown, but it is likely that several factors, working together, can cause it. Multiple sclerosis occurs when an agent or environmental event (eg, viral or bacterial infection, exposure to chemicals, lack of sunlight) acts in concert with a genetic predisposition to compromise the patient's immune system.


Initially, patients begin to notice muscle spasms, twitching of the facial muscles, loss of sensation, impaired vision, impaired concentration and memory, fatigue, dizziness, sexual dysfunction, and depression is also a frequent symptom. With the progression of the disease, the patient's condition deteriorates significantly, leading to disability.

Stem CEll Therapy Benefits

No surgery

The method of stem cell therapy is based on local injection / intravenous transplantation of a biomedical cell product using an infusion pump and special needles without the use of surgical equipment.

Minimum recovery time

Carrying out the cell therapy procedure does not require special preparation, changing the rhythm of life and the patient's habits. The absence of surgical intervention and general anesthesia greatly simplifies the treatment process itself and, accordingly, practically reduces the recovery time for the patient to zero.

General anesthesia is not applied

The very procedure for the introduction of a biomedical cell product is practically painless, it is a minimally invasive manipulation that does not require the use of local or general anesthesia. If necessary and according to the doctor's prescription, it is possible to use pain relievers.

No risk of rejection

The use of autologous (own) cells of the patient guarantees the absence of allergic reactions, side effects and rejection of cellular material. The use of allogeneic cells is also not only safe, but also extremely necessary and effective in the treatment of a number of diseases when self-cell therapy cannot be used.


* The results of treatment are purely individual and depend on the biometric and age parameters of the patient, as well as on the stage of the disease at which the transplantation of neuroinduced MSCs was performed. According to the results of treatment, a second course of therapy can be prescribed in 4-6 months.

Correction of neuropsychological disorders
Correction of visual problems
Correction of dysfunctions of the urinary system and intestines
Elimination of scar tissue and restoration of myelin fibers
Recovery of speech and swallowing
Correction of movement disorders


All treatment programs are developed by leading medical specialists, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient of Precision Medical.

Ask a doctor before starting treatment!
Medical Adviser
In touch 24/7, accompanies the patient during a treatment program, and then monitors the patient's condition remotely.
Transfer Service
The driver is assigned to the patient and accompanying persons, all necessary trips and transfers are included in the treatment program.
Comprehensive Check-UP

Before starting treatment, our specialists confirm the diagnosis using the most modern equipment.

Stem Cells Transplant

It is carried out by leading specialists under strict supervision within the framework of an approved treatment protocol.

Free Cryo-Bank storage

We store samples of the patient's biomaterials in order, if necessary, to carry out a second course of treatment, to consolidate and improve the results.

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